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As a professional Licensed Contractor & CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep in Minneapolis – St. Paul, Twin Cities Chimney Sweep strives to provide their customers with exceptional Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Repairs, and Installation services through proper instruction in utilizing wood-burning systems. Twin Cities Chimney Sweep is able to help keep homes warm and families safer by carrying on the centuries old traditions of the chimney sweep trade.

Who are the Twin Cities Chimney Sweep?
Twin Cities Chimney Sweep, a division of The Chimney Pro’s, have been proudly serving the Great People of Minnesota and Wisconsin for over 25 years. During that time, we have seen just about every chimney configuration you can think of, and a few you can’t. Twin Cities Chimney Sweep has worked on some of the biggest chimney projects in the Twin Cities, and we do some of the smallest. When you’re looking for Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Sweeping, Relining, Masonry Repairs, Tuckpointing, or Chimney Problem Diagnosis, contact Twin Cities Chimney Sweep.

Twin Cities Chimney Sweep the Trusted Name In Chimneys!
Twin Cities Chimney Sweep staff are CSIA Certified, the company is a member of The Chimney Sweep Guild, and licensed by the great State of Minnesota (BC647036) and Wisconsin (BCQ081700009). We are always attending advanced training courses so we can provide the absolute best service possible.

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Twin Cities Chimney Sweep

Chimney/Fireplace Cleaning

There is no mess when you hire Twin Cities Chimney Sweep and Fireplace Cleaning. In fact, we have YOU inspect our work area when we're done and sign off that your satisfied there's no mess, and everything is as clean, or cleaner, than when we arrived.

Twin Cities Chimney Sweep rotary sweeps your chimney to remove creosote buildup a standard wire brush can’t get off. We rotary clean the liner and smoke chamber, we clean the damper, firebox, and vacuum the smoke shelf. Most problems with the chimney system don't affect the performance of the fireplace or chimney and are only discovered when maintenance is performed, or when an event occurs, such as a chimney fire. Chimney sweeping and inspections go hand-in-hand; after the system is clean your CSIA Certified Technician performs a level 2 video inspection of the interior of your chimney.

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Twin Cities Chimney Sweep

Chimney/Fireplace Inspections

Having your chimney and fireplace inspected is crucial to the safety of your home. You can trust Twin Cities Chimney Sweep for a CSIA Certified Chimney and Fireplace Inspection in Minneapolis – St. Paul MN. Did you know, chimney related fires account for almost ¼ of ALL residential fires. Having your fireplace and chimney inspected on a regular basis is your best preventative action.

Some chimney defects are obvious; missing, broken, or spalling bricks, rust staining, water damage on interior ceilings and walls, however, other problems such as broken flue tiles, missing mortar joints in the flue liner—flue blockages—these are not so easily recognized and requires a chimney inspection professional to identify them. When you call Twin Cities Chimney Sweep to inspect your chimney you get a full Level 2 inspection by a CSIA Certified Chimney Technician. We will do an inspection that YOU can watch right along with us. Call and schedule an appointment with Twin Cities Chimney Sweep.

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